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Eco All Shed Base Sizes Grids Plastic Slab Base Garden Shed Greenhouse Full Size

Eco All Shed Base Sizes Grids Plastic Slab Base Garden Shed Greenhouse Full Size

Eco All Shed Base Sizes Grids Plastic Slab Base Garden Shed Greenhouse Full Size

EZY-PAVER (Shop By Shed Base Size). From the drop-down menu, select the Shed/Building hard-standing base size that is required. The EZY-PAVER Base packs have been calculated for the hard-standing foundation of the building size stated ONLY. If a larger hard-standing area around the building base is required more EZY-PAVER Grids will need to be added.

EZY-PAVER is a new innovative ground reinforcement and stabilization product for use in the permanent reinforcing of soft ground providing a stable base for sheds, greenhouses, summer houses, etc. EZY-PAVER is also ideal for the movement of parking of vehicles and for stabilizing soft earth banks. EZY-PAVER is a modular, open design grid tile, manufactured from 100% recycled material. It is tough, flexible, easy to install and allows natural drainage.

Fast & Easy To Install. High Load Bearing Base System. Easily Cut To Fit Any Size Of Base. Fill With Grass, Gravel Or Leave Emply To Create Good Airflow. All orders 20 SQ/M + will be dispatched on a pallet.

The method of installation is determined by existing ground conditions as well as the end use and weight loading requirements. The methods described below provide general guidance only and do not form part of any contract with the user. Prior to use the EZY-PAVERs should be stored to prevent excessive mud, wet concrete or other damaging materials from coming into contact with and affixing to the EZY-PAVER Base. The grid structure can be filled with different materials such as soils (to support plant or grass establishment) or gravel / aggregates. The tiles have a simple male and female interlocking connection.

Begin at the furthest away point, laying the tiles from right to left. Ensure that the male connectors face towards you and the female away from you.

Installing with No fill - Installation with no fill is ideal where the product is being covered with a static building or leisure item. For best results ensure the area is level and reasonably well compacted. This can be done with a roller or by simply removing any loose soil to get to a firm surface below. The better the surface is prepared the better end result you will achieve. Installing with Gravel fill - For pedestrian use to make a feature stone pathway, then excavation is not necessary.

However if this is for a driveway where vehicles are regularly moving over the grids it is advisable that the ground below the grids is firm and has no soft spots. It may be necessary to remove soil and replace with stone or hardcore which can be compacted. A geotextile weed control can be added.

The grids can then be connected on top of the textile and filled with a sharp angular stone or aggregate. Installing with Grass fill - For a healthy grass infill we recommend the use of a geotextile over a thin layer of stone (10 to 15 mm) to allow for good drainage.

The grids can be laid on top and filled with a good soil mix to help the growth of the grass and protect the root or seed. For a quicker installation for noncommercial or private dwellings, you can simply remove enough soil to lay the grids using the existing ground level without the need for stone.

However, the ground may shift in time requiring re-installation. These installation instructions are recommendations to achieve the best results. The grids can sink into the ground if the ground is initially very soft and wet.

For a Next Day service option please visit our main website (eco-filtration). All orders placed after 12noon on Friday will be dispatched on the following Monday.

Order Cancellation, Changes to Orders & Rights to Return. Order Cancellation or Changes to Orders. Once an order has been placed it will be processed almost immediately. This means if you wish to cancel the order you will need to send the goods back to us once received. Receiving the wrong size If you believe you have received the wrong size item or the item(s) isn't as stated, refer back and check the item(s) description before contacting.

All item(s) have all the necessary information stated. Ensure you are measuring the correct Internal or external Diameter that is stated in the item(s) description. British standard Eco-filtrations ranges of products are all manufactured and produced to metric British standard. Eco-filtrations dedicated and committed team has over 50years experience and a name that is respected by koi and other fish pond enthusiasts around the globe. Eco-filtration can ensure all of its valued customers with the utmost confidence that all of the products that are on sale are the correct intended sizes that meet all the industry standards. There are a number of circumstances when you may wish to cancel and/or return goods ordered. Once the Company has received and acknowledged your requirement, they will provide you with the necessary procedure which you must ensure is followed. Please also note it is your responsibility to get the item back to us at your cost in a new undamaged condition. When returning goods, we recommend that you use a courier or deliver them personally to our Head Office. The Company accepts no responsibility for damage that is incurred in transit when returning goods, or for goods that are lost in transit. Eco-Filtration was established in 2013, our committed and dedicated team has been a family-run business for 3 generations, specialising in manufacturing for over 50 years in England. For the past 35 years, our main focus has been driven towards the koi/pond trade. In this time we have obtained an extensive range of products that are all manufactured in-house from raw materials. From a conceptual idea all the way through to a finished product that is in mass production all under one roof. We are responsible for designing, developing, and manufacturing a lot of the steeple products associated with the Koi/pond trade such as bottom drains, flanged and threaded tank connectors, ultraviolet sterilisers, aerators, weighted suction domes/retro drain, plus many other products that are essential in all pond and filter system builds.

Our in house manufacturing experience and expertise enables us to keep developing and innovating new products. We are always looking to improve existing products as well as coming up with new ideas. Over this time we have made a name for ourselves that is respected by koi and other fish pond enthusiasts around the globe.

Here at Eco-Filtration, we work closely with our customers. All our products undergo a rigorous testing program before coming to the market. We pride ourselves in ensuring all our products are produced to the highest quality and we give them to our customers with confidence, backed up by experienced advice and support.

Eco All Shed Base Sizes Grids Plastic Slab Base Garden Shed Greenhouse Full Size